World Fire Cider Day February 2

It’s been 3 years since the “Fire Cider” controversy then movement began as a result of the copy write of that name by a company -Shire City Herbals. The recipe first used, taught, and shared by reknown herbalist Rosemary Gladstar in the early 1980s when she was teaching for the California School of Herbal Studies.

Thirty or more other herbalists and herb companies some having used the name “Fire Cider”for decades began getting letters from Shire City company and thier lawyers asking them to stop using the name.

Herbalists that had made, shared, and sold versions of this immune boosting formula (some for almost 40 years), could no longer legally call it by its traditional name. This began a battle to raise awareness of our plight as herbalists most of whom have the philosophy of open sharing – now need to to protect our traditional formulas and their common names from being coopted by any one person, entity, or trademarked, and commodified by greedy corporate interests. A petition created and signed by thousands of herbalists online sharing of recipes abounded and a lawsuit ensued to challenge the copywrite that will be going to court sometime in 2018.

A great program to listen to for more on this is on KPFA radio show The Herbal Highway hosted by herbalist Karyn Sanders episode from Feb 2nd 2017 -it will be available in the archives online. Karyn hosts Rosemary Gladstar and the 3 herbalists that are challenging the copy write law.

Episode link here

Every herbalist I know has a version of this recipe or many versions of this recipe- I have several myself that I have been making since 1999. I teach it and share it with whomever wants to make it as a wonderfully simple and tasty way to keep healthy.

It is an apple cider vinegar tonic infused with hot and spicy herbs that are easily available at your local grocery and it is great for keeping colds and flu from taking hold  I have not had a single cold or flu in 12 years and  attribute this to copious shots of fire cider  downed whenever I feel the least bit of a scratchy throat or sniffly nose coming on. Please make it and share it and use it. After all herbal medicine is the medicine of the people.

Fire Cider Recipe 1

In a quart jar add

chopped onions

garlic cloves

fresh gradated or chopped ginger

fresh grated horseradish

1 fresh/dried whole cayenne pepper or a tsp powdered

fill jar up to near top and cover with raw apple cider vinegar

I add plastic wrap under my metal lid to keep it from rusting.

keep in a dark cupboard for 4-6 weeks (you can shake it periodically).

then strain with cheese cloth, and add honey to taste, and bottle

Recipe 2

the following into a glass quart jar

fresh ginger root chopped

onions chopped

garlic cloves

cinnamon sticks or powdered

dried black or blue elderberries

fresh dried cayenne pepper

cover with raw apple cider vinegar

a bit of plastic wrap under the lid to keep the lid from rusting

infuse in a dark cupboard for 4-6 weeks

shake occasionally

strain with cheesecloth,  add local raw honey to taste, and bottle.

sip, drink, in a  shot glass is good.

Can also be used as a tasty healthful vinaigrette salad dressing with added olive oil .


Self Care support from our plant allies 

When challenged by scary, uncertain, stressful times, when everything we hold dear seems in deep jeopardy and it seems to be worse by the hour or the tweet we can turn our attention within and away from the news and social media.

Wisdom from the plants is here to support us through the plethora of emotion we might be experiencing.

This is not to say one cannot harness those emotions for good old fashioned fiesty motivation, (I support the full spectrum of feeling). This not about stuffing down, suppressing, or escapism.

But to be in the world at this time calls for radical self care to support us. 

Heart Support – 

Hawthorn(Creatagus) this large shrub/ small tree of the apple family that has naturalized here in North America is a wonderful plant spirit support to out hearts and powerful cardiac tonic for the physical body. Taken as a tincture made from its flowers, leaves, and fruits called “haws”.

Hawthorn is one of  3 most sacred Druid botanicals and energetically embodies feirce protection and strong boundaries hence its thorny branches.

Yarrow (achillea milifolium) yarrow my dear is good for what ails us- yarrow energy medicine for soul pain, soul poison, she is like a cloak of light to lift us and ground us simultaneously. As an herbal ally for physical pain, as a stop bleed (hemostat)( except uterine bleeding), heals wounds, can break up blood clots, insect repellent, and good for shock relief to name a few uses. I make a great distilled hydrosol for spraying on myself – as a flower essence or in tea or tincture would be good. 

I will be back with more herbal allies to support us… 

Blessings to you💜💗🍃💚🌲🌸


Poetry Share

“What is this thing called life? I believe

That the earth and the stars too, and the whole glittering universe, and rocks on the mountains have life,
Only we do not call it so–I speak of the life
That oxidizes fats and proteins and carbo-
Hydrates to live on, and from that chemical energy
Makes pleasure and pain, wonder, love, adoration, hatred and terror: how do these things grow
From a chemical reaction?
I think they were here already, I think the rocks
And the earth and the other planets, and the stars and the galaxies
have their various consciousness, all things are conscious;
But the nerves of an animal, the nerves and brain
Bring it to focus; the nerves and brain are like a burning-glass
To concentrate the heat and make it catch fire:
It seems to us martyrs hotter than the blazing hearth
From which it came. So we scream and laugh, clamorous animals
Born howling to die groaning: the old stones in the dooryard
Prefer silence; but those and all things have their own awareness,
As the cells of a man have; they feel and feed and influence each other, each unto all,
Like the cells of a human”s body making one being,
They make one being, one consciousness, one life, one God.”

“We must uncenter our minds from ourselves; We must unhmanize our views a little, and become confident As the rock and ocean that we were made from.” -Robinson Jeffers

Your throat chakra is located between your heart and your head                                                           your throat is a birth canal for your wisdom
consumerism is a conspiracy to shut your wisdom down-
-Mathew Fox


“We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For”

Is it just a slogan or new age woo woo.. It is our call to action.

It has been a challenge for us to be awake to the darkness of our collective “American shadow material” and its many ugly faces.

Americas dark day.

The hidden shadow is laid bare naked out in the open now- blatant racisim, misogeny,  hating people for practicing the wrong religion, being the wrong gender, wrong color, loving the wrong people, being in the wrong income bracket, being immigrants from the wrong countries, or for  loving the earth.

You fill in the blank. Which American values do you pick and choose to be your own without thought or effect. Choose your side. This is divide and conquer scheme where we are all duped and we will all fail. All illusary algorithms of our internet astral shadow.

Where and who is the puppet master?

It is the perfect opportunity for us all to step up and be the change -put our lifetime of personal spiritual work into “Action practice” Be The change in our communities..hold the Love and be the fierce protectors of the good…Sending Love be the Love

Stand with your immigrant neighbors, LGBT friends, people of color,  woman, children, freedom of religion rights, including atheist, hard working Mexican migrant workers that do jobs for Americans that Americans won’t do.

Our collective karma First Nations peoples treaty Rights that have never been honored-remember  all the rest of us are immigrants in one way or another that stole this country from it’s original people,  built its wealth on the backs of enslaved people. Now we are all slaves to materialism, cooperate greed, etc.

I don’t believe in hope as it is ineffective. II believe in action.

I believe in the good in people,  I believe in kindness, I believe in the rights of all not just a few chosen” special”people. I believe in the wisdom of Nature. Nature knows the plants know this, even my horses know this.

Have we exceeded our caring capacity of our planet and our for fellow humans?

You decide.

I choose to care and I choose  Love!

©Victoria Reddick 2016


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Terrior and Botanical Medicine


What is terrior exactly?

This word is certainly experiencing an appeal in the mainstream to describe all sorts of things in relationship to its surrounds. This word is of french origin and is used to describe the many variables in nature that make a unique and quality wine. This living landscape or the solar, hydro, earth, wind of a place and it’s effects on a plant; in the original case the wine grape.

I just love the holism implied by this word and can see why it is so popular now.

As we begin as a species to wake up and move away from the reductionist worldview that takes things out of context with whole and attempts to divide it down to the smallest denominator.

I envision a world where we as humans move back into accord with Gaia (this complex intelligent planetary organism of which humanity makes up but a…

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Starting a Grassroots Herbal Medicine Movement

Its Mars retrograde, Mercury retrograde, new moon just a couple days ago, as well as mercury transit the sun exact today.

-Oh and it’s also close to the (Beltane sexy juicy fertility holiday), so what does a Lynx Raven Wolverine trickster spiral dancer creatrix like me decide to do?- Start a movement thats what!

What the heck am I talking about you might ask? Well I have been nurturing this little seed corn kernel inside myself for a good while and now is when it wants to be planted.

I first shared this at a lecture I gave at the Medicinal Herbs Growers and Marketing Conference in Port Townsend WA a couple weeks ago.

I have envisioned a space/spaces/gardens in every community where herbal medicinals can be grown and the wisdom of their uses can be shared by all those in each community (who choose to) by local herbalists, visiting herbalists, first nations herbalists, all those who want to participate. We could invite other healers, storytellers, artists, and holistic practitioners to bring their “medicines” to the project. A very “Radical” act (radical means going back to the roots), and a radical idea I know.

Imagine real green, real sustainable, local, holistic earth based health-care, health-nurturing, sharing, community herbal gardens- like the pea patch garden movement only an herbal medicine gardens movement.

Herbal medicine “is the peoples medicine” as herbalist and wise woman Susun Weed says.

This means real healthcare real choice. Real power to the people, taking back your health power -back into your hands.

This means a place for all members of a community to come together to dialog, to make medicines together, eat real food together, make art, share stories, maybe even”potluck democracy”who knows..

These community gardens, can be incorporated into the food gardens (because after all food is medicine too), and these gardens could be Permaculture based like (food forests), or something else uniquely designed to meet the needs of each community.  A gathering place to reconnect people with the living landscape so it would be more than an herb garden but camps of green revolution re-connecting to earth.

Now is the time.

Contact me if you want to get on board or start your own in your community let’s work together and support one another.

A way in, a way back into accord with all life.

P.S. I am the new chapter coordinator for the Pacific Northwest Chapter of Herbalists Without Borders International.

An amazing organization doing many great projects all over the world.

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Those Wild Wild Roses

Wild Rose wisdom reblog.

I can’t believe our wild roses are blooming the first week of May this year, so I thought I would share all the sweet goodness, recipes, and story medicine I shared last year about the wild rose..


Green Lynx & Bear Creek

It is already the first week of June here in the great pacific northwest of WA state.

Here on the Olympic Peninsula we are in late springs most prolific wildflower blooming time.

Blessed in this part of the world  by abundant hedge rows of our beloved briar feminine native wild Nootka rose (Rosa Nootkana) it sure does inspire creative imaginative concoctions for this rural herbalist.

IMG_0827 Drying Wild Rosa Nootkana for tea

There is much folklore and myth surrounding roses and wild rose in particular are important to indigenous peoples of the Americas.

There is a beautiful Ojibwe story about how the people had stopped noticing and caring for and giving thanks for the wild rose. And so the roses became weakened and rabbits began to eat them all until there were very few left. Hummingbirds went hungry as did the bees, bears grew thin and as honey grew scarce and…

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