“We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For”

Is it just a slogan or new age woo woo.. It is our call to action.

It has been a challenge for us to be awake to the darkness of our collective “American shadow material” and its many ugly faces.

Americas dark day.

The hidden shadow is laid bare naked out in the open now- blatant racisim, misogeny,  hating people for practicing the wrong religion, being the wrong gender, wrong color, loving the wrong people, being in the wrong income bracket, being immigrants from the wrong countries, or for  loving the earth.

You fill in the blank. Which American values do you pick and choose to be your own without thought or effect. Choose your side. This is divide and conquer scheme where we are all duped and we will all fail. All illusary algorithms of our internet astral shadow.

Where and who is the puppet master?

It is the perfect opportunity for us all to step up and be the change -put our lifetime of personal spiritual work into “Action practice” Be The change in our communities..hold the Love and be the fierce protectors of the good…Sending Love be the Love

Stand with your immigrant neighbors, LGBT friends, people of color,  woman, children, freedom of religion rights, including atheist, hard working Mexican migrant workers that do jobs for Americans that Americans won’t do.

Our collective karma First Nations peoples treaty Rights that have never been honored-remember  all the rest of us are immigrants in one way or another that stole this country from it’s original people,  built its wealth on the backs of enslaved people. Now we are all slaves to materialism, cooperate greed, etc.

I don’t believe in hope as it is ineffective. II believe in action.

I believe in the good in people,  I believe in kindness, I believe in the rights of all not just a few chosen” special”people. I believe in the wisdom of Nature. Nature knows the plants know this, even my horses know this.

Have we exceeded our caring capacity of our planet and our for fellow humans?

You decide.

I choose to care and I choose  Love!

©Victoria Reddick 2016



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  1. Shannon goose says:

    I agree with all you have said, Victoria and I would add that MATURE hope is based on understanding ones relationship to Nature and when held with this understanding and integrity, hope is a prayer. A vibrational resonance with the evolution of the universe and one based on the love that you speak of. Maturity, in my own experience, usually drags me through the dark, cutting me on every sharp edge of every neglect. I can’t see our collective process has any other magical cure for ignorance. We act today where we can and we hold space through a mature hope, a constant prayer in our hearts. My heart knows your heart an so on, so that we build a giant, collective resonance toward balance. I see Standing Rock as a manifestation of a collective cry. A sad and beautiful collective cry.

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    1. Yes yes yes Shannon..Beautifully said..


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