Self Care Support From Our Plant Allies

When challenged by scary, uncertain, stressful times, when everything we hold dear seems in deep jeopardy and it seems to be worse by the hour or the tweet we can turn our attention within and away from the news and social media. First things first go outside in nature and don’t bring your smart phone with you-Lol..

Wisdom from the plants is here to support us through the plethora of emotion we might be experiencing.

This is not to say one cannot harness those emotions for good old fashioned fiesty motivation, (I support the full spectrum of feeling and processing). This not about stuffing down, suppressing, or escapism.

To be in the world at this intense time calls for radical self care to support us.

Nervous System Support

Oatstraw (Avena sativa) oat straw taken as a nourishing herbal infusion does wonders for those that are overstimulated, stressed out, and burned out.

Chocked full of b- vitamins, high in calcium, trace minerals, high in steroidal saponins that nourish the pancreas,  liver, and aid digestion.

Builds coping abilities, provides great cardiovascular support, improves mood, and increases libido. Try oat straw infusion to replace a coffee stimulant addiction as oatstraw builds up your deep bodily energy reserves instead of a temporary buzz then depletion like coffee.

Milky Oats-Avena sativa (oat tops in the milky stage) Indicated for the same nervous system conditions as oat straw, is safe for all ages and stages including pregnant and nursing mothers, even gluten intolerant folks seem to do well with it. I would avoid if you are trully allergic to oats.Usually taken in tincture form for a wonderful nervine.

I like to take a few drops in drinking water before bed to aid in deep restful sleep.

Healthy Heart Support

Hawthorn(Creatagus) this large shrub/small tree of the apple family that has naturalized here in North America is wonderful plant spirit support (as a flower essence) for our tenderized hearts and is a powerful cardiac tonic for the physical body. Taken as a tincture made from its flowers, leaves, and fruits called “haws”.

I like to harvest all three at their proper seasons (spring, summer, and fall) to create a multi season tincture that I just add to.

The hawthorne whispered this idea to me decades ago and it seems somehow right to honor the hawthorn and process of making the medicine with intention and care over a period of seasons. You may add a ceremonial ritual of your liking and make an offering of tobacco to the hawthorne spirit.

Hawthorn is one of  3 most sacred Druid botanicals and energetically embodies feirce protection and strong energetic boundaries hence its thorny branches.

Yarrow (achillea milifolium) Yarrow my dear is good for what ails us- yarrow energy medicine for soul pain, soul poison, she is like a cloak of light to lift us and ground us simultaneously. As an herbal ally for physical pain, as a strong stop bleed hemostat, ( except for uterine bleeding), heals wounds, can break up blood clots, powerful insect repellent, and good for shock relief to name a few uses. I make a great distilled hydrosol for spraying on myself – as a flower essence, tea or tincture would be good.

Schizandra Berry (Schizandra chinensis) The five flavor berry -Sweet, sour, pungent, spicy and bitter. One of the most important  medicinal herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a stress proofer and reducer, and is a true adaptogen. Improves nervous system function, improves endocrine system by reducing cortisol. Increases immune system function indirectly and directly.  Schizandra is hepatic- protects the liver and helps the liver to make new cells. Supports the heart like hawthorne by reducing high blood pressure and raising low blood pressure. This herb is one of my all time favorites.


I will be back with more herbal allies to support us.

Blessings to you💜💗🍃💚🌲🌸


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