Starting a Grassroots Herbal Medicine Movement

Its Mars retrograde, Mercury retrograde, new moon just a couple days ago, as well as mercury transit the sun exact today.

-Oh and it’s also close to the (Beltane sexy juicy fertility holiday), so what does a Lynx Raven Wolverine trickster spiral dancer creatrix like me decide to do?- Start a movement thats what!

What the heck am I talking about you might ask? Well I have been nurturing this little seed corn kernel inside myself for a good while and now is when it wants to be planted.

I first shared this at a lecture I gave at the Medicinal Herbs Growers and Marketing Conference in Port Townsend WA a couple weeks ago.

I have envisioned a space/spaces/gardens in every community where herbal medicinals can be grown and the wisdom of their uses can be shared by all those in each community (who choose to) by local herbalists, visiting herbalists, first nations herbalists, all those who want to participate. We could invite other healers, storytellers, artists, and holistic practitioners to bring their “medicines” to the project. A very “Radical” act (radical means going back to the roots), and a radical idea I know.

Imagine real green, real sustainable, local, holistic earth based health-care, health-nurturing, sharing, community herbal gardens- like the pea patch garden movement only an herbal medicine gardens movement.

Herbal medicine “is the peoples medicine” as herbalist and wise woman Susun Weed says.

This means real healthcare real choice. Real power to the people, taking back your health power -back into your hands.

This means a place for all members of a community to come together to dialog, to make medicines together, eat real food together, make art, share stories, maybe even”potluck democracy”who knows..

These community gardens, can be incorporated into the food gardens (because after all food is medicine too), and these gardens could be Permaculture based like (food forests), or something else uniquely designed to meet the needs of each community.  A gathering place to reconnect people with the living landscape so it would be more than an herb garden but camps of green revolution re-connecting to earth.

Now is the time.

Contact me if you want to get on board or start your own in your community let’s work together and support one another.

A way in, a way back into accord with all life.

P.S. I am the new chapter coordinator for the Pacific Northwest Chapter of Herbalists Without Borders International.

An amazing organization doing many great projects all over the world.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. s goose says:

    I’m currently up to my eyeballs this summer with projects but our little town already has a community garden that may be interested in having a section for medicinals. I’ll ask who to talk to and pass your site on to them. Thank you for taking this on for the North West. It’s a great idea and you have a wonderful organization behind you.
    Shannon Goose


  2. Handful of Words says:

    All for a medicinal movement, keep on keepin on


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