Terrior and Botanical Medicine


What is terrior exactly?

This word is certainly experiencing an appeal in the mainstream to describe all sorts of things in relationship to its surrounds. This word is of french origin and is used to describe the many variables in nature that make a unique and quality wine. This living landscape or the solar, hydro, earth, wind of a place and it’s effects on a plant; in the original case the wine grape.

I just love the holism implied by this word and can see why it is so popular now.

As we begin as a species to wake up and move away from the reductionist worldview that takes things out of context with whole and attempts to divide it down to the smallest denominator.

I envision a world where we as humans move back into accord with Gaia (this complex intelligent planetary organism of which humanity makes up but a…

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2 thoughts on “Terrior and Botanical Medicine

  1. Shannon Goose June 3, 2016 — 4:37 pm

    Your dream is a foretelling of an actual coming together when we look at things like string theory and Tom Cambell’s MBT and the like. A true bridge of opposites happening and people like you,Herbtrickster, are on the crest of that wave. I’m grateful.


  2. I agree. TERROR is a wonderful word despite its current popularity.


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