Siwar Qenti Foundation

Siwar Qenti Foundation LLC

Was started by Jeff Chambers, Stacia Neagle and Victoria Reddick in 2008, to teach a core foundation of the Peruvian based shamanic practice’s of the high Andes, desert and jungle traditions. All three of us received a professional level graduate training in these practices and in shamanic healing at the Wiracocha Institute in 2003-05 as taught by Mary Blankenship PhD. (now retired).

Stacia Neagle and Victoria Reddick have also had advanced trainings in these traditions at Rainbow Jaguar Traditions completing  Mastery Of Inca Energy Medicine a 2 year long course with Peruvian born teacher Jose Luis Herrera and Mary Blankenship in 2007.

Stacie Neagle and Jeff Chambers did another year long course with Wiracocha Institute in 2007 in advanced crystal healing.

In 2004 Victoria spent 3 months on expedition in Peru with Rainbow Jaguar Institute traveling deep in the Andes over 3 mountain ranges to the real Lost City of the Inca (Choquequirao) in the Villcabamba, then traveled to Lake Titicaca  in Bolivia with a group of medicine woman for initiatory rites on the Island of the Sun And Moon, studying with Dr Mary Blankenship, Jose Luis Herrera and many revered Queros medicine men and woman.

In 2005 she returned with Rainbow Jaguar Institute to Peru for another 4 months traveling to some of the most revered Sacred Mountains to experience teachings and initiatory rites with the medicine people. Victoria also traveled all over Peru with 2 of her friends, and in the coastal city of Trujillo she synchronously met British explorer, documentary filmmaker, and author Hugh Thompson.

It was the universe at work because just before leaving the US she had read Hugh’s book “The White Rock” and absolutely loved it and wondered how cool it would be to meet him someday).

Unbeknownst to Victoria and her 2 friends they were staying at the same tiny bed and breakfast as he was. Hugh was in Trujillo  researching his latest book. One evening at dinner we all went around the table and introduced ourselves -Hugh said he was a writer that had spent decades in Peru, Victoria asked his name and wallah she and her friends were invited to join him on his explorations for the next week at an ancient pyramid complex miles north of the city where 100s of mummies lay partial exposed by the sands of time.

If the above story wasn’t amazing enough Victoria had also wondered about the possibility of meeting the family of Don Eduardo Calderone (the late master san pedro shaman) before her trip- as Trujillo had been one of his his places of residence while he was alive. That same trip she also synchronistically met the sons of the late master San Pedro Shaman Don Eduardo Calderon and these men had a wonderful party for her and her friends that included dancing and beautifully played music in their home. Talk about the universe hearing your wishes -be careful what you wish for..

Stacia and Victoria also trained with Peruvian born Inca Sound Healer Cecilia Montero.

All 3 of us have had trainings in other traditions with teachers in North America, and beyond.

We offer and guide a 4 part intensive program called the Sacred Path of the Andes. This course is taught in 4  long weekends over a course a year with homework in between classes.

Classes are held at Green Lynx Farm in Sequim. For a list of our current classes please see the events and classes page on this site.

We also provide healing services and are available to do individual healing sessions and long distance work. Jeff Chambers is in Ferndale WA, Stacia Neagle is in Poulsbo WA, and Victoria Reddick in Sequim WA.  We also offer a variety of exploratory 1 day workshops. For more info email me

2 thoughts on “Siwar Qenti Foundation

  1. Interested in your healing shamanism. I am also curious as to the traditional compensation for healing as a shaman within the cultures of those who live in the Andes?


    1. Xel,

      A very good question Xel.
      The Shamans of the Andes accept many things in “Ayni”-which is reciprocity given for the healing medicine. Exchange can take many forms -whatever the person can give-from a bag of Incan potatoes, a live chicken, a hand woven hat or pancho- whatever they can afford but no one is turned away for lack of offering- there just needs to be some exchange.


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