Green Lynx Flower Essence Catalog

Green Lynx Online Catalog

This is but a sample of our Green Lynx Flower Essences. Green Lynx has a collection of over 300 single and combination essence blends created since it’s beginnings back in 1999

* Remember -Flower essences are not meant to treat or diagnose disease or be a substitute for treatment by qualified medical professionals. Please see your health care provider.



Green Lynx Essences
Green Lynx Essences

Addiction Release Blend-
Chamomile, Sunflower, Hopi Tobacco, and Self Heal). Helps those gain personal insight into origins of their addiction, gently release the original imprints, be at ease, safe and self loving as they journey into their healing path.

Woman’s Balance Blend-
(Manzanita, Blue Cohosh, Trillium, Hawaiian Lei Flower, Geranium, and Datura).
Helps bring insights into self, ones core woman power and attune to personal gifts. Assists the emotional body when one is having mood swings during hormonal fluctuations. Wisdom to know all emotional states are acceptable and are teachers showing deeper levels of self and ones unmet needs -be they known or not.
Good during menses, pregnancy,
peri-menopause, menopause, and post menopause.

Stress B Gone-
(Lavender, Passion Flower, Self Heal, and Rosemary).
Calming and soothing support during stressful situations.

Trauma Ease-
(California Sage, Osha, Fireweed, German Chamomile, Lavender, Yarrow Self Heal, and St Johnswort).
Whenever anyone experiences trauma or shock that requires a lot of help regaining center and grounding.

Some of our Single Essences

Black Eyed Susan- (Rudbeckia hirta)                                                                                                        Makes one better aware of personal shadow, how to own it, work with it consciously and stop projecting onto others, help gain insight into what it has to teach you. Good for recovery of repressed memories.

Blue Cohosh- (Caulophyllum thaictroides).
Assists in releasing entanglements and bring understanding of ones own complicity in a given situation. Release victim consciousness and knowledge that you are not a victim to anyone but yourself. Moving into compassion and understanding with self and others thereby releasing the drama triangle paradigm (victim, perpetrator, and rescuer) -knowing they are essentially all the same and not very useful.
Brings out inner strength and resources to move ahead in life with new ways of being and relating after major transitions or trauma, Bright strong sense of self emergence.

California Pitcher Plant- (Sarrcenio).
Boosts the bodies immune system, improves sense of wellbeing.
Helps one create strong and healthy boundaries.

-California Poppy- (Escholzia californica)                                                                                  This lovely bright orange flower has a solar affinity as it opens to the sun and closes as the sun goes down, As an herb it is sedative and pain relieving, indicated for those with anxiety and sleeplessness. As a flower essence it holds true to many of its herbal qualities. It is good for those seeking relief of pain and anxiety either physical, emotional, spiritual or all three. Those with Addictions primarily to numb pain. Those with a full on soul wound. Helps one to know they need help, take charge through the willpower, and get that help. Indicated for those with what used to be called “soldiers heart” now called PTSD.

California Sage- (Salvia cleavelandii).
For those mildly depressed it lifts the spirits, rekindles self love, forgiveness, and brings a deep sense of connection to source during periods of loneliness or isolation.

Red Cedar- (Thuja plicada).
Tree of Life to the First Nations peoples of the Pacific Northwest.

Tree of many uses brings strength, grounded balance, and inner knowing. Great for learning new things, understanding the connections of all things, life patterns personal and collective connection. Ancient wisdom forests, traditions and crafts. Provides protection from harmful non physical beings and psychic attacks.

Chocolate Lilly- (Fritillaria lanceolata).
For personal attunement to prosperity conciousness. Helps one get out of ones own way, let go of negative programing of scarcity. Attune to the resources one already has and use them wisely. Brings an attitude of gratitude, and opens one up to receiving.

Cosmos- (Cosmos bipinnatus).
Stimulates mental clarity especially when speaking. Promotes light-heartedness and joy.

Dandelion- (Taraxacum officinale).
Helps to release emotional grief and anger stuck in the body. Relaxes jaws, shoulders and tension held in the neck.

Datura- (Stramonium sp.)
This plant spirit is for those that have undergone much personal healing work.

After surviving and healing deep wounds from the past, the transformational gift of personal healing is to be a way-shower for others healing in some way, not from suppressing your past: but of deeply sharing with others. Hold deep compassion space of non judgement for self and others in a healthy way -sometimes healing happens by merely being in their presence.

Datura is also trickster coyote medicine plant and aligns with edge walkers – those that are or work with castaways of society like the homeless, the mentally ill, sex workers, contraversial artists, activists, or any work that is socially taboo/edgy to the mainstream. Working with material or people who are taboo in some way. Also deals with castaway parts of the self (our shadow material) to own it claim it and transform it. Helps this native feel strengthened, confident, and self assured as they do systems busting work for the collective in an ethical honest, non self -destructive, and balanced way. Datura helps to know when the timing is right and gently nudge one to move ahead.

Devils Club– (Oplopanax horridus).
Attunes one to ancestral shadow material so it can be healed. It is a scorpionic mars warrior, helps clear negative family patterns we each carry that are multi-generational. Deep healing on the multidimensional level “(this pattern stops with me!”). Bring forth the wisdom and courage of ancestors, align to inner warrior on behalf of personal and familial healing, strongly protective, gives strength in setting firm boundaries. Respect starts with respecting the self. For those that have suffered breaches to their personal boundaries in all forms, physical psychic, etheric etc.

False Solomon’s Seal- (Smilacina racemosa).
Attunes and opens the crown chakra. Aligns personal will to higher thought and reason. Cranial sacral opening and alignment. Opens up full potential of personal gifts made real.

Garden Sage- (Salvia officianalis).
Brings calm and centeredness, ability to share wisdom with others without dogma, without attachment to outcomes, achievement or recognition by others.

Garry Oak- (Quercus garryana).
Reduces inner need to achieve when rest is needed. Strengthening, grounding, Helps one be strong in life situations that require starting over on some level like the Pheonix from the ashes. Rebirth.

Geranium- (Geraniaceae).
Strong ally for woman but also helps men attune to their inner feminine. Good for feeling good about ones sexuality, ally for reproductive health in both sexes.

Goldenseal– (Hydrastis canadensis).
Opens the channels to universal consciousness, the free flow of energy always available and how to tap in. Helps one to see who and what drains their energy and make healthier choices.

Hare Bell- (Campanula sp.)
Fairy heart healing flower, High vibration energy. Helps one to release resistance to receiving unconditional universal love after heartbreak, betrayal, or abuse. Gently attunes one to the love around them and within always available. Helps let down ones gaurd/walls and open to love again. Promotes love/self love in a non-toxic manner.

Hawaiian Royal Lei Flower-
Flower of the goddess Laka. Stimulates first and second chakra, good for female reproductive health, being at ease with the female body, childbirth, cycles, and attune to the wisdom of the body.Helps clear issues with female authority issues, woman, and mothers side of family.

Hibiscus– (Malvaceae).
Helps with releasing emotional issues stemming from sexual trauma, rape , childhood or adult abuse, or old family ancestral patterns carried in the body. Brings confidence and security in self, feeling at ease.

Hookers Fairy Bells- (Disporum hookeri).
The plant associated with fairies and nature spirits. This essence imparts awareness that these other worlds do exist and co-exist with our own, expands ones awareness of reality, opens gates of perception. Attunes one to their inner childlike curiosity, joy excitement and wonder.

Hopi Tobacco- (Nicotiana rustica).
Helps one see addictive responses to unexpressed emotions or needs being masked over. Helps one take responsibility for self in a loving way, gently release overindulgences in substances, food, sex, shopping, tv, texting etc.

Inca Sunflower- (Helianthus Inca).
Brings forth true self, confidence, and responsibility. Helps to bring healing to male authority issues and issues with men or father side of family.

Indian Pipe– (Monotropa uniflora).
The Salish and Nootka people called it wolves urine, it was associated with wolves. Wolf becomes an ally for those who dedicate to their spiritual path, wolf takes you into the unknown territory, trails, tales, alone sometimes or with the pack. Spiritual initiate, dream work, counseling, and transformational ancestor work, bringing back lost traditions from ancestors and the land.

Lavender- (Lavendula sp.).
Brings peace and calm purple ray. Lavender brings up personal and collective karma in order to resolve it and is an ally for this important work. be it consciously or unconsciously. Places on the earth where it is grown commercially have spiritual agreements to do this work and facilitate it. Connects to Mother Mary, Venus and the sacred divine feminine archetypes and moving toward humanity working in non competitive ways to create healthy comunities for all life.

Manzanita- (Arctostaphylos columbiana).
Attunes one to the cycles of life, the rites of passage from birth, child, youth, adult, mid life, and elder years and finally death. Makes one at ease during transitions, wisdom from within and from the body that some things must pass in order for the new to be born.

Nasturtium– (Trapaeolum majus).
For those who live in their heads and over intellectualize to the detriment of the heart path and body. Brings balance and connects heart,  head, & physical body so they work together.

Nootka Rose– (Rosa nootkana).
This beautiful pink wild rose brings gladness to the heart, imparts cheer, heals the weary hearted and brings one back to a feeling safety of open hearted innocence.

Oregon Grape– (Mahonia aquafolium).
Helps one deal with issues of abandonment, to release fear around this and bring deep peace knowing one is never alone.

Osha Root- (Lingusticum porterii).
Bear medicine, for those called to do very deep personal work, warrior of the spirit, brings solar light to the dark. Attunes one to higher wisdom rooted in the earth. Helps one go within and take a time out for healing and transformation. Protective Allie for doing ones personal shadow work (stops projection), for medicine teachers, storytellers, deep dreaming. Hibernate and come out of the den renewed.

Pacific Willow- (Salix lasiandra).
Helps release deep melancholy masking resentment and rage turned on the self. Brings awareness and compassion to a situation so it can be resolved.

Petunia- (Solanaceae). Brings feelings of calming ease for those with nervous dispositions and hyperactivity.

Redwood Viola- (Viola candensis).
Attunes to the solar plexus chakra. Brings maturity and integrity to the personal power center.

Rosemary- (Rosemarinus officianalis).
Dew of the sea, sacred to Goddess- rosemary is a versatile healing herb as well as a wonderful culinary. Brings out clarity in troubling situations, a clear head, a willingness to go into the unknown without fear.

Sagebrush- (Artimesia tridentata).
Purification and release from outmoded beliefs, false identity in able to embrace ones true self with unconditional love.

Self Heal- (Prunella vulgaris).
Gives encouragement and strength during times of recovery from illness or accident, helps one to align with inner wisdom of the body, personal healing responsibility, and finding the right assistance when needed.

Sitka Valerian- (Valeriana sitchensis).
Brings out a sense of adventure in those that have become too ridged in their ways. Hear the call of the wild the, and see will of the wisp calling you into the unknown.

Skunk Cabbage– (Lysichiton americanum).
Promotes healthy body image, self esteem that has been damaged, self acceptance of ones sexual orientation, and healthy sexual libido. Also good for repelling unwanted sexual attention.

Snapdragon- (Antirrhinum majus).
Helps with childhood and past-life trauma expressed as tension in the body primarily located in neck and jaw. Helps release trapped suppressed anger in a healthy  non destructive way. Also helps one feel what they are feeling and express rather then suppress.

Sundew- (Drosera spathulata).
Brings grounding and focus in the present moment for those who daydream too much, those focused too much in past or future.

Sweetgrass- (Hierochole oderata).
Cleanses the etheric body, protection from etheric attacks. Peaceful dreams.

Tiger Lilly- (Lillium tigrinum).
Brings balance to the overaggressive as well as bringing out assertiveness in the timid. Promotes sense of safety.

Trillium- (Trillium ovatum).
Tri flower. Helps one stop searching outside themselves for answers that can only come from within. For those that are restless and never happy with what they have, have achieved. The never enough mentality masking personal shame and inferiority usually stemming from messages from early caregivers. Trillium brings the wisdom that what one is searching for without is actually within them, that they are beautifully whole.

Water Violet- (Notlonia palstris).
For those who have difficulty in social situations. Helps one to be more at ease and less awkward, brings out confidence and self love, and acceptance for ones seeming differences.

White Sage- ( Salvia apiana).
Sacred sage is a warrior plant, strongly protective, imparts fearlessness, heart , body, mind connection.

Yellow Siberian Iris-((Iris pseudacorus) also called Yellow flag

Iris in Greek myth is the goddess of rainbows, water carrier and is messenger of the gods. As an essence it is great for communication expressed from the powerful solar plexus of the body (hence the yellow color). Being able to communicate and assert ones personal truth clearly with the gift of gentleness. Intuition is deeply honed and connected to the unconscious realms. Communication skill, integrity, deep knowing. possible psychic ability.


Green Lynx all rights reseved©2017


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