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I love to make things, have fun and be creative they say expression is the opposite of depression. Art frees up energy within us, art saves lives, art is therapy and art can engage with us to feel and think about things we might not have considered before. I believe we are all potential artists some people just know it and some haven’t let loose and expressed themselves yet. I have done work in sculpture, encaustic wax, paints, collage, make handmade fiber paper, handmade basketry, metal, stone, bone, leather, fur, hide, hand dyed wool, feathers, twigs, recycled materials, and just about anything. I make art because I love to , I have to and do it for myself as an expression of beauty, of being alive, and to honor experimenting with form.

In 1996 I helped create a 300 ft fire breathing earth dragon made of clay dug out of an old spring on a farm in Pittsboro, NC. Created several walking labyrinths, celtic knot gardens, a few large medicine wheels in Vermont where I lived for 2 years, 1 in North Carolina on my partners land. I worked for Plymouth Groundworks in England where I lived part of 1995-96 -where I helped kids plan a renovation project to downtown Plymouth which included a large stone circle for the millennial project. Here on my property a 100 ft. stone medicine wheel and a medicine wheel garden in Sequim WA. I have art on display through Art On The Town Port Angeles- can be seen by the Ferry dock landing attached to a large standing burned out cedar tree (I got to burn it with a torch). I was one of the members of North Olympic Sculptors Association that donated this to the city of Port Angeles- mine is a bronze sculpture mask (cast myself at a friends foundry) of a merman on permanent display), along with other members masks.

I have shown my art through various galleries and locations my sculpture, basketry, handmade cedar paper bowls, art mask sculpture, and handmade artisan herbal products.

Some places where I have shown:

Art On The Town, (an ongoing outdoor sculpture show) Port Angeles WA –Bronze Mask on permanent display by the Vancouver Island Ferry terminal

Soul Kisses Art Gallery in Silverdale, WA– Mask show and spirit art doll show.

Red Gallery Yakima WA. Sculpture installation of “Industrial Dreamcatchers”.

Woman of Wisdom Conference, Seattle WA – Art dolls, drums, and rattles.

The Museum and Art Gallery Sequim WA – Empty Bowls Exhibit. Donated a handmade garlic, and wasp paper art bowl to raise money for the Sequim foodbank.

IMG_0056_2 Hand carved and painted Owl Faced Thunder Gourd
One of my handwoven Baskets
Some Of My Art at a local gallery

LARC Gallery Sequim, WA- sculpture masks, handmade paper, cedar paper bowls, basketry, and handmade herbal offerings. I won the Peoples Choice Award in Nov 2014 for a mixed media sculpture mask.

I facilitate art and creativity classes that help you engage your own artistic spirit and find your unique voice. Classes I am available to teach are: coil and woven basketry, wool felting-both wet and needle techniques, create your own art spirit doll, cedar bark, nettle, and other fiber paper making, clay sculpture and mold making, native American style shaman drum and rattle making, mask making, and working with wings and feathers to create beautiful sacred tools.

Call to schedule a class- (360) 477-5985


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