Green Lynx Flower Essence Consultations

Welcome to Green Lynx Flower Essences! IMG_0317We are celebrating 18 years since we started Green Lynx Flower Essences and it has been an amazing journey thus far filled with medicine flowers, trees, shrubs, crystals, and wonderful customers like you. Thank you to all that have supported our work in these amazing realms. We have been blessed to have served and supported thousands of people and animals with our essences over the years and are filled with deep gratitude.

We are producers of high vibration flower essence solutions that are made here on our farm from plants and flowers raised using natural organic methods and made in pristine wild ecosystems nearby and some from afar.
We have nearly 400 mother essences from the garden, wildflowers, gems, trees, ocean, mountains, environments, and some truly unique essence offerings from England, Peru, Bolivia, Hawaii, Australia, Oman and from the deepest/oldest part of the pacific Ocean. *

The information and statements about  flower essences have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA. Essences are not meant to cure any disease, are not meant to treat or diagnose any illness or replace qualified medical assistance.

*Please see your qualified medical professional.

What is a flower essence? Flower essences are potentized liquid solar infusions made from the energetic imprint of flowers, trees, gemstones, and other natural things. Each individual solution is offers us support and encouragement in an energetic way.
They are best when taken orally – under the tongue  (careful not to touch your mouth).

They work best on the emotional and soul level, are gentle, powerful, but subtle.
Flower essences do not interfere with prescription drugs, are safe for children and pets.
Essences are scentless, preserved in a solution of 50% brandy or vinegar.

Dr Edward Bach was the first western person to make and use flower essences back in the 1930s.
Today there are many people and companies that make flower essences all over the world.

I began working with them in the early 90s through a friend in my woman’s circle who was a Bach Remedy practitioner and sales rep.

I made my first essences in 1996 and the first ones were of a wild California rose, and an antique tea rose from a friends garden in Fallbrook CA.

I found them to be generously soothing to my broken shattered heart at that time. I had been grieving over the deaths of 3 dear family members within a few short weeks-(my grandmother who helped raise me, my 19 year old brother, and then our ancient family dog. This was all during my astrologic transition known as the Saturn return (a classic right of passage) mine was really intense.

Needless to say I was pretty shattered and these rose essences (little did I know at the time), would set me in a whole new course in my life one that is still unfolding.

This was a start of my journey making flower essences.

*Flower essences are not a cure all nor a drug to address a symptom, they need your willingness to work out an issue and assist by opening up channels in the subtle and emotional body. Yes.. You must do the work; whatever that is for you.

 What Flower essences are not:

They are not the same or made the same as herbal tinctures, sometimes called herbal botanical extracts that are for the physical body whereas flower essences work on the spirit and emotional body of a person or animal. We as living beings are really not divided into physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies but all of these are profoundly connected and interdependent ecosystems of a larger being. Where one connection is weakened the entire being can be weakened. Flower essences are also not essential oils (therefore have no scent), and they are not aromatic plant or flower hydosols (plant distillates).

Our apothecary page offers a range of herbal botanical extracts (tinctures), hydrosols(plant distillates), essential oils and other non flower essence offerings.

*Always see your qualified medical provider.

The Consultations

Co-founder James Baburek has been our tireless principal consultant and sales rep. over the past 18 years. He has done 1000s of consultations for adults, children and pets at farmers markets, barter fairs, herbal fairs, health food stores, co-ops, naturopathic doctors offices. James has taught flower essence classes for a Sequim WA dog training school to a large group of visiting Japanese students and co-taught this holistic practice to the massage therapy students at Peninsula College in Port Angeles WA. James Baburek has quite a cool background as a meditation leader, a state-run drug and alcohol counselor, Reiki master/teacher, writer, sculpture artist/mold-maker, yacht finisher to name a few of his many talents, He is a caring, compassionate consultant.

Founder Victoria Reddick started this whole thing way back in 1996 with her first self made essences, with a big nudge from the roses.

She didn’t form Green Lynx officially till 1999/2000 after leaving her job as a WA Dept..of Ecology Conservation Corp supervisor-spending months out of the year building and maintaining backcountry trails in wilderness areas of WA state with her crew.

She is main plant whisperer, herb wrestler, and co-creator with the plants. She has been able to hear natures voice since she was a child and has spent a lifetime developing this skill. She loves to share her love of nature with others and is a way shower

with a penchant for holding space for others to directly experience the plants through deep listening and the sensorium.

We are also available and have conducted private and public workshops and classes on all manner of essence education and will travel to your event or conference. Please contact us for details.

Cost: For an in-depth 30-45 minute consultation which includes your own personal reading and custom solution made in a half ounce blue-bottle with dropper top is $60.00 US, and will last approximately 5 months. Call to schedule your appointment or for more info on flower essences. Our essences are also available singly for $15.00 a half ounce bottle or mix any 3 of your choice for $30.00 a half ounce.

**Special deal**I have an ETSY store special price and can take payment and booking of your phone or real time consultation through the store for $45.


This includes up to a half hour consultation and you will receive  a 1 oz solution of your personalized essences mailed to you or if we get together here at the farm (in person).

It is our intention that through the use of flower essences you will feel guided and supported.

We also want to encourage people who want a more self-directed experience with flower essences the opportunity to make your own essences, so you can be connected to the plants in your backyard for your personal wellbeing. Give us call and we will walk you through the basics of making your own essences or come to one of our classes.
Over the years we have taught flower essence, herbal medicine making, and distillation workshops here at our farm,  at Penninsula College, at a local dog training school, for a private tour of visiting Japanese dog training tourists, the Whatcom County Skills Share Faire, Seattle Antioch University, LARC Gallery Lost Arts Fair 2014, and we have served on the Flower Essence and Plant Spirit Medicine panels at the Northwest Herbal Fair. We love to teach what is our passion and delight.

Purchase Green Lynx Flower Essences by contacting us directly or at our etsy store

We offer consultations here at the farm, over the phone, at various local retailers, and farmers markets. Just call or e-mail us directly for info or to set up an appointment here on our farm.

phone (360)477-5985


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