About Green Lynx and Bear Creek Apothecary

Lynx the big cat is trickster redeemer of the north in mythology and similar to raven, coyote, and wolverine. Green is the rich vegital color of the green growing plants- the green nations as they are called, and wallah inspired -the Green Lynx Flower Essence and Botanicals company was born in 1999.

More of the story was that I had also encountered a gorgeous mysterious and unusual colored black Canadian lynx in the Colonel Bob Wilderness where I was the supervisor of the Port Angeles WA Conservation Corps trail crew. We had just spent a grueling 2 weeks building and maintaining the backcountry mountain trail one late cold snowy October..there were 5 other witnesses to this strange creature – it was daylight, not a wet cat, and crossed our path on a log above the trail before disapearing in the bush.

Lynx is edgwalker between the worlds, trickster and keeper of secret knowledge like Prometheus she steals fire and gives it to the human beings. Lynx is keen listener and that is why she hears the will of the wisp, voices of the trees, flowers, grasses shaking their seed rattles in a field, mouse voice, salamander voice, mycelium voice, the small ones and large ones we walk over, past, through and upon but few of us ever really notice or listen to them.

Bear Creek is a rambling, singing, seasonal, sweet water, wee creek that runs through this little 10 acre farm surrounded by cedar and douglas fir forest.

I have been greatly blessed to call this place home for the past 19 years.

Bear literally and symbolically has played such a deep healing, guiding, big dreaming role in my life since early childhood, so my healing herbal botanicals products line naturally became symbolized by bear, hence the name Bear Creek Apothecary.

All of my hand crafted botanicals are created seasonally with great love and respect for the land, the ancestors of this land and all life that inhabits the land.

I use the finest locally sourced ingredients, many of our herbs are grown here on our farm or reverently and ethically wildcrafted in the surrounding forests.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Judy Chambers says:

    Dearest Victoria— lovely web-site! Best delighted wishes for success in your program! love and smooches Judy


  2. Shirley Wolf says:

    Dear Victoria, Look at you, so lovely and full of life! Can’t wait to reconnect with you. What credentials, I am in awe! Love, Shirley


  3. silvia graber says:

    beautiful website hermana! glad to see you all doing so well! much love and abrazos xo


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