Those Wild Wild Roses

Wild Rose wisdom reblog.

I can’t believe our wild roses are blooming the first week of May this year, so I thought I would share all the sweet goodness, recipes, and story medicine I shared last year about the wild rose..


Green Lynx & Bear Creek

It is already the first week of June here in the great pacific northwest of WA state.

Here on the Olympic Peninsula we are in late springs most prolific wildflower blooming time.

Blessed in this part of the world  by abundant hedge rows of our beloved briar feminine native wild Nootka rose (Rosa Nootkana) it sure does inspire creative imaginative concoctions for this rural herbalist.

IMG_0827 Drying Wild Rosa Nootkana for tea

There is much folklore and myth surrounding roses and wild rose in particular are important to indigenous peoples of the Americas.

There is a beautiful Ojibwe story about how the people had stopped noticing and caring for and giving thanks for the wild rose. And so the roses became weakened and rabbits began to eat them all until there were very few left. Hummingbirds went hungry as did the bees, bears grew thin and as honey grew scarce and…

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