Between Eclipses

We are between

A place between

 Place in the dark weighty storytelling of old where unusual, profound, profane, unlikely magic can and does occur.

Once apon a time


Middle path

Middle kingdom

Good place to dedicate

I re-dedicate myself to poetry

To story

To prose

Voice inside that tends deeper connection to wild little things around me and within.

Like tending fire

A good time to let go

Let go of what wintery skins needs shedding

Dedicate self to an ever unfolding deepening life

Someday I will be like old growth forestIMG_2115.JPG

May deep dark gifts within merge into the light like spring bulbs pushing through ebony earth or fox woman’s silent footfalls on the unconscious 

A tiny red paw drew back liminal curtains to enter my dreamtime last night

She Blessied me for sure…

Victoria Reddick © March 17,2016


One Comment Add yours

  1. Shannon Goose says:

    Aaaawe, I love the image of the little paw drawing back the curtain. Beautiful! !
    I’m personally feeling the tention of the inbetween and not liking it much but faithful to the ebb and flow, ie. tending the fire. Ready to shed my wintry skin-yes please 🙂


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