Trillium Flower Essence

So many people ask me about Trillium flower so I am reposting this article.

Green Lynx & Bear Creek

Trillium flowers are present in the woods now and I want to share my love of this flower and its wonderful use as energy medicine.

Trillium (Trillium ovatum) sometimes called Robin of the wood, or Wake Robin is a beautiful flower with 3 petals, 3 leaves and is a white flower that transforms during its ageing process by turning from white, to pink then to purple. The number 3 (sacred number to the celts), sacred in story telling, tells us that it has 3 distinct qualities. Traditionally used as herb called “beth root” (birth root), and is useful as a tonifying astringent for the uterus in preparation for birth, or used to help those with heavy menstrual flows due to uterine fibroids. As a flower essence for energy medicine we can look to the doctrine of signatures to read the energy’s. The deep green color of 3 leaves and stem relates to the heart chakra, the 3 white petals for the top of our…

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