Help! There Are Flowers Having Sex In My Nose

Spring Is here and it is in full force here on the farm.

The fruit trees are decadently blooming , flowers popping up everywhere, sounds of busy honybees and other bees droning ever so loudly in my ears and the swallows darting back and forth to feed thier hungry progeny. Its as if the whole of nature is experiencing a brilliant dazzling and earthly orgasm all around us and it/she/he surely is.

Blessings all around -we have a new white and brown Shetland lamb born one week ago, the chickens have been laying eggs every day, my horses are sloughing off the long winter coats they grew last fall onto the trees they have been rubbing up against and many song birds are busy making fine nests with this horse hair.

The spring tonic weed/herbs are out in full dazzling growth- Nettle hedges, Chickweed carpets, Cleaver vines, Dandelion, and Red Dead Nettle rugs are gracing us with herbal goodness and delectable nutritional food. Those that suffer from spring allergies should try nettle infusions, or tincture from the nettles as they are very helpful in combating seasonal allergies. Dandelion roots, leaves and flowers helpful to cleanse the blood and liver. Eat your edible weeds- be creative. We have been eating our nettles in soups, stir fry, as pesto, nettle mac and cheese, in almost anything. Salads are tasty and gorgeous with dandelion greens and flowers, chickweed, dead nettle flowers and leaves, violet flowers, added to your salad mix.

Herbventure herbal apprenticeship starts in 2 and a 1/2 weeks.

and more herbal class offerings to come

Horsehair lined birds nest

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