Wild Land Dreams Us

Herbventure 2015 starts in 6 weeks. We have a few spaces left for those who want to go deeply into the wildness of the land and the wild plants and become feral. This 12 month program meets one weekend a month to explore our relationship with Gaia and the healing plants. It will challenge beliefs, stretch, and facilitate self healing and self awareness. We are not here to save the earth -earth  can heal itself, and might just save us if we listen. The wild land dreams us and is beckoning us to awaken from our sleep.

A dream I had some time ago   I was standing at the edge of a beautiful bubbling hot spring of azure blue and sea green colored waters wisps of steam arose all around. Suddenly there was a huge ancient Grizzly bear standing on two legs behind me with large heavy clawed paws gently enfolding my shoulders, It’s large body hugged against mine warmly. Then a gusier erupted and spewed out steam deep from within the living cracks of the earth,  it whistled like a tea kettle in hums and vibrational overtones as if some wise deep consciousness were trying to communicate something ancient, something forgotten, something important. The great bear spoke slowly and deeply  “Listen, Listen, Listen” “she is always speaking but no one listens anymore” “You listen my child -you have always heard her and  you can help others to hear her once again’.


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