Winter Blessings

It is winter here on Green Lynx Farm, it has been extremely mild weather except for a two week cold snap back in November. Already the snowdrops are up and blooming, my feral honey bees are out daily in search of water,  propolis, and maybe a bit if bee adventure. I am watching the cottonwood trees like a hawk to see when the buds are ready to harvest for medicine as it will be early this year- I know of two downed trees that fell during a big wind storm-so those will be perfect to pick buds from. Being a wildcrafter and an herbalist is an exercise in noticing your botanical surrounds everywhere you go even your own back woods, noticing and categorizing, watching for changes and trends in growth and health of the entirety of a ecosystem as best a wee human can do and the connections between all things. It is more than watching with my eyes -it is feeling the surrounds feeling the land, the plants, animals and the world around me a truly deep way of being with my whole being -heart and soul.

Knowing I am just one tiny part of this whole.Cottonwood buds

Our first herbal medicine making gathering of the year is coming up at the end of the month.


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