Our ancestors once held dreams in very high regard as a way to communicate with the non- linear worlds. it was so important to some cultures that there were temples created just for dreaming and some for healing dreams in particular. In ancient Greece these were named Asclepeions named after Asclepeios god of medicine. In Roman culture similar temples were built to Nodens god of dreams, healing, and nature. At these sites would be dream interpreter priests that assisted the dreamers in decoding their dreams and help the dreamer facilitate the dream being made real in some way. The healing would come through sleeping in special spaces, receiving a cure that came through the dream, medicine then made for you, and undergone a series of ritual baths and purifications.. In Greek temples you would find non-venomous snakes crawling all around, brought specifically to live in the temple as they were sacred to Asclepeios and associated with healing, whereas in Rome it was dogs that were the healing animal guardians. Sometimes the dream temple would have a theatre where the dream could be ritually played out, or maybe it would be expressed through another art form such as a poem, song, sculpture or painting, but it was of great importance to symbolically make it real in some way.
We as a so called modern culture tend to disregard our dreams, unless you were raised by a family that taught it’s importance, learned about dream importance from studies in psychotherapy or Jungian studies, studied certain spiritual practices that held dreaming in esteem, or were raised by indigenous peoples.
My connection to dreaming started at a very young age, I can remember dreams I had from age 4 onward and kept dream journals for my entire life. I know it was unusual but I was a dreamer from the start and somehow I just knew it was important, as important as my waking life and deeply communicating a much larger world. As an herbalist I get communications with plant spirits in my dreams on a regular basis. These communications teach me about the medicine that a particular plant has in great detail, sometimes a plant ally of mine will teach me about other plants I have never met before in the waking world. This is just one way dreams can be a great line of communication with the spirit realm. I have a seriously well developed dream telecommunication system and I am eternally grateful for it. I think anyone can develop this skill with intent and commitment. it is within us all.
I have much more to say about this as I am passionate about us as a humanity reenlisting the help of our dreams to solve many of our collective issues and personal, to receive inspiration, innovation, healing, to connect us deeper to all our relations, our multi dimensional selves, our guides. ancestors, pasts, futures, and travel the multiverse.


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