Rewilding Ourselves part 2 -Going Feral

So how do we reconnect with that feral child that we once were and give voice to it again? There are so many ways and no wrong answers.
One way is to spend time in nature where the inner child can see the beauty and experience the sheer delight of what is all around. Another way is to get deeply involved in a creative pursuit where we loose all sense of time and are lost in the now can help connect us.
Or you may work consciously and actively with your inner child as if it were your own child, by asking it what it wants and needs from us to feel safe enough to come out .
This is how we begin to parent the parts of ourselves that might have been lost or damaged, unseen, and unheard when we were children; essentially we can become the parents that we would have liked to have had to our inner children.

One of my favorite mentors- teacher and herbalist Stephen Buhner calls this work “the reclamation of the soul”.
Most of us did not have a perfect childhood, but you can create a dialog now with your inner children at their different stages and ages through visualization. Do this work with an open heart connected to your feeling center to facilitate  a safe place for these children, to have trust in you, and to be with you.
This a way to reclaim a wonderful part of ourselves and let that part come out and play with and through us now.
This is not so much a training exercise as it is a remembering.
Your child knows how to be playful, wild, uninhibited, curious, experimental, see everything as if for the first time, talk to the plants, animals etc.
This is a start to becoming feral, a way to come home to the self.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Love your wise words, beautifully written, I needed to hear this….. Again!


    1. Thanks,
      Glad that you enjoyed it!


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