Rewilding Ourselves Part 1

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Rewilding part 1
Now what does the idea of “rewilding” bring to mind? I first heard this used by herbalist author Stephen Buhner years ago in a radio interview. He said “once you have tasted the wild redeemer you can never go back”.
I for one was never domesticated in the first place and only now realize what a rare blessing it was. When we were children we were fully present in the moment and open were all channels of perception and communication with everything. Heart, mind and gut instincts worked together until one day you are questioned and doubt enters than a bombardment of training begins to unsettle your wholeness. Dogma from authority figures -parents, schools, churches, peer pressure to conform to consensual reality is nearly complete. You are taught the right way to be, do, look, speak and act. You betray yourself in order to fit in and do well in society. If you are a feeling type person- you are seen as weak. If you are intuitive you are crazy. The mind is master in this world. What does a person do? If you are lucky some tragedy occurs in your life, or some crazy ecstatic experience happens out in nature and this thing this experience leads you on a path. a long path back home to your essential self – your soul self.



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