Radical Self Care CSH (community supported herbalism) Shares

Support Local!!

I am enticing you to sign up for My Green Lynx Apothecary -“Radical Self Care Shares”.

I will nourish you with the earths best and sweetest goodies all hand grown /ethically, sustainably harvested, hand made with the finest organic, nourishing, seasonal, soul enhancing, body zinging herbals and botanicals. Isn’t it crazy that self care is a radical idea? We could all use a bit of self care or a lot. I recently sent a care package of goodies to a friend of mine who is mother to a 3 year old. She wrote back to me to say” thank you so much for the beautiful goodies, as a mom I never find the time to do nice things for myself anymore”.

How many of us are moving through life in overdrive and not doing much in the self care department? How many of you know a friend who is in a healing crisis, someone that has the “BUSY disease”, a new mom, a stressed out friend, or anyone that could use a little self care and nurturing? May we care enough for ourselves to do self care instead of developing a crisis as our call to slow down.

I encourage you to sign up for a share for yourself and give one as a gift to a friend in need. Lets make self care a priority and not just a radical idea.
Go sign up on my etsy store

Please see the Apothecary Page for more details









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