Dandelions Grrrrrreat!!

It is Almost the end of April and it has been way too long since I have updated this site. So hello out there..

The dandelions abounding everywhere and are at peak here in Sequim so it is a great time to harvest the tasty greens and flowers for eating raw in salads, cooking up the slightly bitter greens in all kinds of recipes, use in making herbed vinegars, tincturing and many possibilities.  This roadside weed the scourge of many mainstream gardeners is so packed full of of vitamins, iron rich and wonderful for our livers. We need strong livers to process all the waste in our bodies and dandelion cleanses and strengthens our livers so befriend your dandelions. We crave all flavors in our diet sweet, salty, spicy, pungent, and bitter. In times of old bitters were served before meals to increase our digestive juices and increase bile in the liver to help us digest and process toxins in the blood. We are way to addicted in our culture to prefer sweet and salty flavors and when it comes to bitter we make coffee our choice which is a toxic mimic for the bitter our bodies actually craves. Try some dandelions today, drink in the yellow sunshine packed field of dandelions with your eyes and then go eat some.


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