Equinox Harvest

Fall is in the air, green shades changing to reds and gold in the landscape here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I lost one of our old plum trees last week. It was so heavy with fruit that it literally cracked and fell over from the weight. How could this plum-tree that had lived to be nearly a 100 years old produce so abundantly? As I looked down at it’s broken core I was incredibly surprised to see that it was almost entirely rotten inside and it was a near miracle that it was alive at all. What a lesson for us all that a plum-tree could model life so full of meaning and abundance up to its last day of life even at age 100. May we all live that fully no matter how old we live to be and may this beautiful earth be here for the future generations of all its beautiful life forms. Life force of earth is strong on this land as it is fed with natures tending and our deep love and reverence as well. We are now busy harvesting that fruit to make jam, chutney, sauces. We give deep thanks for the life of that tree that stood so long in this land and gave so much to generations of humans, deer, raccoons and so many other critters.


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