Welcoming The Solar Feminine

“Venus Is In The House”

Yesterday was the Venus transit,  and there were many people all over the globe watching as the tiny marble shaped planet cross our huge glowing sun. A rare thing to be sure and one not to be repeated in our lifetime as the next one isn’t till 2117. Astrologically speaking Venus in Gemini is about unifying polar opposites. So we may we use this transit for personal and global transformation. Venus is about passion and values and our ability to magnetize the desirable story. What is your desired story? What is the story you would like to be living ? The world you want to live in?  Through envisioning processes such as meditation, journeying, creating art, storyboards, and other creative means we can engage both hemispheres of our brains and activate the new for change. The shadow side to this is that the powers that be use fear as the biggest motivator in our world. We must “buy the product”, buy into the reality “they” sell, the way “they” look at the world and the way that lines “their” pockets. But we should remember that we are also the “They” that I’m speaking about, we each have a personal shadow nature, counter intention, or  “the not I”. So take back your “not I” and be friends with it learn what it has to say and balance it within . In personal reality and in collective reality we all get a vote,  we have the choice to choose. Learning to love your counter intention takes work,  understanding, and sometimes guidance from a great therapist, shaman or teacher but it can be done. This work can really free us up and can free up a lot of energy. It takes bravery but you can do it and do something new.  This is not just wishful thinking this is also proven brain science,  whereby we create new neuro pathways in our brains by working to balance both hemispheres. This is also called co-creation. Our thoughts co-create our reality,  so why not put those thoughts to work for you and re-lease the fear. 

Herbs for Venus

LavenderLavendula Sp. Plant sacred to Venus and sacred to Sequim, haha. Lavender in baths lavender in oils used for calming stressed nerves, dab a bit on your temples if you have a headache, and use it as a great antiseptic for cuts, scrapes and mild abrasions(lavendin oil is best for cuts).  

Flower Essence of lavender: Is for mental clarity, staying alert, promotes the healing of mother and feminine relationships.  

RosemaryRosmarinus officianalis. “Dew of the Sea” sacred to Mary and to Venus who was birthed in the sea. Planted near the front door of a house it announces the feminine power of the woman of the house. Rosemary so great in foods to help us digest fats and the oil is divine and very healing for so many things. 

Flower Essence of Rosemary: Promotes truth, inner wisdom, peace, and balanced emotions.


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