The May- It’s all about Sex

It is that time a year again the cross quarter mid spring holiday of the solar year called Beltane. I remember back as a child my excitement at making May baskets in school by weaving colored papers together, taking them home with instructions to collect flowers to fill them and then we were to give them to loved ones. I had so much fun with my mother collecting all sorts of spring tulips, hyacinths and daffodils from our garden to fill those tiny baskets and then leaving these bright fragrant surprises on people’s doorsteps anonymously. Boy have times changed, now we are more likely to see children and adults spending more time with their heads buried in technological devices then buried in flowers smelling the fragrance of spring or noticing the perfection of natures beauty. Other May celebrations included a Maypole ceremony which symbolized the male and female energies wedded in copulation through a pole garlanded with flowers planted in the earth. We kids didn’t know we were participating in some ancient fertility rite by weaving ribbons in opposite directions girls going one way and boys the other not stopping until the pole was covered in  all the ribbons. This ancient ritual also symbolized the world tree or tree of life with roots into the earth and branches into heaven and the balancing of earth and sky. However you choose to celebrate the May now is the time to use natures natural fecundity energies to seed your creativity, dreams, and plant physical or metaphoric gardens.


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