Those Powerful Yet Subtle Flower Essences

I started using flower essences way back in 1991 when I was introduced to them by a lovely Bach Flower Essence practitioner who was also in my woman’s circle. I had little idea at the time that there were so many other essence companies like FES and the many more that would come to be. I was just a young 20 something beginning to wonder what it might be like to make essences from plants that grew where I lived and so I planted my first ever garden behind my Seattle duplex in Ballard.  At the time I was working for the Seattle Parks Department as a Ranger Naturalist at Discovery Park and Camp Long, so blessed to spend my days out in nature even though I lived in the city. I felt like I had found my niche in that job as a lover of nature with a love of teaching others about nature. I never did make essences in that garden as my life took a turn and sent me off on another course, I went back to work and sea at the UW school of oceanography and traveled to our research ships eventual destination for 3 years in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. It would be a few years until my land-legs landed me back to my Birth town in California for my grandmothers funeral and making my first essences from the wild California rose a few months after. Travels led me to England, Colorado, North Carolina and Vermont and a eventual return to the Pacific Northwest where I have lived in the same town and home for 19 years. I founded Green Lynx Flower Essences in 2000 durring a pivotal point in my personal healing journey. What led me back to the essences, and back to parts of my child self that had always talked to flowers, animals, plants and insects. It is a beautiful mystery and the flower essences still continue to amaze me by their powerful yet subtle effects on humans and animals going through emotional processes. I know it may sound weird and contradictory that essences are both subtle and powerful but I assure you it is true. Some of the most powerful things in the universe operate this way such as a small creek slowly carving out a canyon or how a person who is quietly wise who need not say a thing but resonates a  calm and steady energy can affect the mood of those around them. Powerful things can be so subtle that we hardly notice them and instead our attentions gravitate toward the big bright larger than life kind of power that our media and culture is so obsessed with and which many fortunes so depend upon. Plants too can be subtle like the grass in our lawns that we hardly notice as we walk upon it daily or a plant can catch your attention and demand respect such as poison oak or nettles.

Essences are plant spirit helpers who open channels into yourself, they will take you to the core of an issue and then gently nudge your healing process at a safe pace but you must be a dedicated partner in your own process of healing -there is no magic pill.


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