March Dreaming of Fish


Pisces, the fish


It’s March and we are in the full swing of Pisces with all that Neptunian imaginative dreaming going on now is a good time to balance the energies with a good dose of grounding so we see more clearly and do not move too far in the direction of illusion and fantasy. The negative aspect may play itself out as overindulging in any delightfully addictive substance like alcohol, food, tv, Facebook, etc. Directed in the positive is tapping into the collective creativity that is always available and creating something physical in this world be it a child, art, music, poetry, or crafts.   

There are two fish in the symbol of Pisces swimming in opposite directions and to me that means balancing two forces that move in opposition to each other and in so creating a powerful dynamic tension whereby there is always opportunity for being creative.

Essences for March

Hopi Sacred Tobacco (Nicotiana rustica). Perfect for helping to correct addictive tendencies and return to a balanced, self knowing, and centeredness.

 Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicada). I call this tree essence “boundaries in a bottle”. The Pacific Northwest tree of life that provided shelter, clothing, tools, canoes, and just about everything for the early people of these regions. It is also a warrior tree with strong protective properties against human boundary invaders or even from the non physical entities. Makes you clear about the difference between self and other.


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