Herbalicious Sexy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!!

February has gotten away from me somehow and here it is Valentines day the scourge of some the delight of others with great expectations to be met or dashed it can be a hard day if you’re not in that “special relationship”. All relationships start with the one to yourself so it is a great day to start there and do self-care and pampering. Take a long bath after work with some aromatic herbs, sea salts,  and essential oils of choice, great music, glass of wine always great by yourself or with another to share.

A great mud mask can do wonders for invigorating dry winter skin.

Try this recipe

tsp bentonite or pink kaolin clay

2 tsp plain yogurt

tsp raw honey

Mix with a wooden spoon or chopstick and slather on clean face and neck and let dry. This recipe is a great moisturizer and will plump dry skin.

Confidence is the best kind of sexy so take care of yourself. 

Flower Essences for Confidence

Garry Oak is a great one that draws up strength and inner wisdom.

Petunia is great to help be at ease in your body and with others, helps make decisions that will foster confidence and self-esteem, helps those with past sexual issues or trauma to heal. 

Pitcher Plant– “Help my plant eats meat”. These plants are the felines of the plant kingdom, beautiful rare and exuding all things confident and sexy. Essences made from these can be helpful to bring out play in sexuality, bring a spark back to your desire nature and put a skip in your step.

Have Fun!


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