January 2012 New Years Fairy Blessings

Blessings for the new year and may you be inspired by the  green plants, the nature spirits all around you, and may you hear their voices in your heart.  This little fairy house reminds me of something straight out of Lord of the Rings, it is just up the road from my house and built by my friend Burch back in the 1970s. I going to be looking into a possible lease for my shamanic healing/ herbal apothecary/ flower essence studio.

I think it speaks for itself and my inner child is tantalized and delighted by the thought of being in that space and creatively working in there.  A place to finish my first book and blossom into new creative endeavours. I could walk there, ride my bike or horse or…maybe fly… 

Western Woodland Amanita – The essence made of this brown earthy colored Amanita mushroom is a safe way to enjoy it’s energy medicine which is that of play, creativity and inspiration on many levels. Draws out ones inner child with sweet abandon and grounds it in the world. Shamans of Siberia ingest these toxic hallucinogenic mushrooms highly prized by their reindeer by letting the reindeer eat it first to process out some of the toxic alkaloids and then catching their pee in cups and drinking-yumm! This is how we got stories of flying reindeer. (Do not eat amanitas as they are highly toxic to the liver).

“Let me create my dearest dreams in the world.”  


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