November Essences and Musings

I cannot believe it’s already the 9th of November. I better get busy here and add the essence selections for November. The 11 /11 /11 event invitations have been streaming into my e-mail from all over the place, and I guess a lot of folks are going to celebrate this date as a reset point date through meditations, ceremonies, and various rituals. The number 11 is a very potent number in numerology “a master number” eleven is a spiritual number that represents higher consciousness. The number three is the sacred marriage of opposites and the divine child which is the creative force of mystery between them. So let us harness this date for good and make your own sacred ceremony that is right for you or join one of the online meditation events like the one offered by sound healer Tom Kenyon who has a meditation to open up the pituitary gland on 11:11:11 there  is downloadable mp3 on his website, or if you do ecstatic trance postures and are familiar with the Cuyemungue institute they too are inviting people to do the singing shaman pose at a certain time. There are many groups doing these types of tune ins  or like I said just create your own. Now for essences to attune to the personal and global healing/shifting possibilities…

Pacific Yew (taxus brevifolia) – World tree of the ancients the Yew  may have been the most sacred tree. Yew lives longest of all trees and even longer then the bristlecone pines, and giant redwoods. An evergreen that is either male or female but is also hermaphroditic in that it can change sex. In our neck of the woods here in the Pacific Northwest our pacific yew grows and is harvested for the cancer drug taxol. All parts of the Yew are toxic so no herbal remedies except the pharmaceutical kind for this tree. As an essence which is made by way of homeopathic method  is for reuniting the inner male and female, it represents birth, the seeding of the new, the whole inside the parts, all that is, endings and new beginnings. How appropriate!!

  I recently had quite an intense experience with the yew through dreams. I will share the dream in a moment but want to offer a bit of background info first. I am a part of Living Myth Living World course which is a year-long rites of passage program taught by storyteller mythologist Daniel Deardorf in Port Townsend WA. During our year-long program we have seasonal gatherings to do deep transformative myth and ritual work with the living world” Nature”. During our last gathering we brought our drums that we had made earlier in the year. For many months we had become attuned to these drums through dreaming, naming and working with them as hand drums. We were not allowed during that time to put stick to drum yet as we were going to make one this weekend and ritually unite stick and drum as feminine and masculine complimentary opposites. There was an opening story that has the juice and medicine of this work the story of 2 man which Daniel told us. Then we were to make our drum stick. I had been working on myself to heal issues on my father’s side of the family, my fathers violent past and my inner male not being fully integrated because trauma I witnessed as a child. I spoke openly about this as I held the talking stick, each person had a turn to share what they were working on. Then I picked a stick that was driftwood-very light and easy to carve-spent hours carving it beautifully and lovingly and at last was finished and tested it out as a drum stick by hitting it against a hard object-and it instantly broke in half.  I thought wow I am so scared of my inner male power -I chose this weak rotten stick that has now broke.. I thought over how many times over the years I could stand up for someone else or a cause I believed in but had so much difficulty standing up for me-I would be filled with dread and anxiety to be hurt or to hurt another by speaking my truth so would avoid it and the people who had hurt me. Now I needed a strong stick so I can heal this – I went out to my teepee to a basket of sticks I had collected and took one of  two yew sticks that had been given to me by a fellow herbal friend years ago.  Now this is strong wood and is beautiful on its own with reddish golden color, I held it and thought wow this is the stick. I then spent the next three hours sanding it, attaching the beater head with deer hide leather stuffed with sheeps wool then carved the rune symbol for yew into it and anointed it with magical herbal oils. It was very late so I went off to bed with my Yew stick put it under my pillow and had amazing dreams.   

The dream: I dreamed I was inside of Yggdrasil-the norse tree of life-it was a yew tree and I was shown that my stick connected me to all yew trees.  I stood in the center of this massive tree where branches came from the center and went out to meet the roots and to the branches essentialy forming a figure eight or a giand seed pod. Then the scene was overlayed on the human body form and I heard “it is also within”. The overlay turned into light fillaments which then turned to salmon swimming  the energy lines and then I was back in the tree and there were 3 giants standing on the roots of the tree -they said over and over to me “three giants three themes three dreams, remember the divine child is the third”. and then I woke up.

 Wow I guess I picked the right stick.


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  1. Judy Chambers says:

    Dear V—Been musing about the trees that are the elders of our planet. Reading a book called “The Wild Trees” that starts with a description of the canopy world of the coast redwoods. Leads to thoughts of our Mt. Baker old-growth cedar & doug fir & the DEEP rootedness into the bedrock of the mountains they embody, the mother tree in the movie Avatar that provides all of life’s needs to the people, the concept of ascension through new worlds to deeper awareness & knowledge. The old Norse Yggdrasil fits right onto my palette of facts, metaphors & wonder. as always—- all my love Judy


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