Full Moon October and Dreams of Horses

I have been reflecting on the year and returning to last October where I was on a solo road trip to visit an old friend who just happens to be a mountain in South Dakota. I had not seen her in 15 years and she was coming into my dreams and even spoke to me while I was flying over her on a plane bound for England via Iceland.  I was remembering pivotal events that took place in those Black Hills 15 years ago that have helped shape my life. Other dreams have been coming to me for some time the dreams of horses, of wild horses, ancient caves, prairies, and of buffalo herds.  I had recently found out I had Crow native ancestry just 2 generations back. Horses were very important to the Crow people and their horses were exterminated by the tens of thousands in the 18oos by the US cavalry in order to suppress and gain control. Cruelty that humans can inflict on each other and other life forms never ceases to be mind-boggling. I have always wished to speak for those who have no voice or have a voice that humans can’t hear or understand. That is why I speak to and for plants, trees, animals, rocks and mountains in my own way and teach by example ways to listen. All humans are native to earth we are born here and will die here, returning our bodies to the earth to be recycled into new life. We all have the ability to listen in our bones we must only put intention and heart toward the ear. After the trance dance this summer (see past blog for September), I have been able to hear all kinds of things I never really noticed before, like the sounds of grasses, of their songs, small rodents chewing in the field, the sounds of the little brown bats that live under our roof, and the sounds of all the small furry type that I never really heard before. I am grateful for the gift of hearing them and of listening. I re-visited last Octobers trip the Pryor mountain range in Montana and the great medicine wheel atop those mountains. I had been drawn to visit the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Sanctuary and learn a little about those rugged wild horses,  and of the wild horse advocacy movement here in the US.  It was a healing for me to be on those lands and so close to those wild beings they reconnected me to some deep old part of myself that I had lost along the way of life. I have always shared my life with horses-always had horses, rode horses, they are my family and now it seems that the horses are going to take on a deeper significance in my life.  I felt was being returned a piece of myself that I had lost or forgotten, my horse passion that I was not bringing into the world because it was so much a part of me I took for granted. One year later this horse thing seems to have a life of its own and I know not where it is going, my own equine herd has grown from 4 to 5 with two more of my moms here at my place for the next month. Two of these horses are Kiger mustang mares  whose parents came from the Steens Mountain range in southern Oregon. How these horses came to me was by way a dear dear friend Shirley who I met 15 years ago during the first South Dakotah adventure. The wild horses have danced in my dreams and into my life, and returning with them a few beautifully gifted and spiritualy strong woman friends of my past that I am now reconnecting to.  I am with excitement and delight handing the reins to spirit to guide me to where I am to go with the horses -maybe a horse healing/teaching /a mysterious something program?? Or just a beautifully renewed presence in my life. I will let the wisdom of horse take me, the wisdom of the prey animal. We as humans could so learn by example of the wise prey animals and the gift of community, and of helping each other. We as a humanity are all learning as we go on and create new models of being here on earth as the old human ways collapse. Nature was always our greatest teacher and we may now return to her to create anew with help from some of the new/old  science of  Biomimicry whereby humans adapt systems based on natures design and going the path of beauty.  Next up essences for October blessings…

Essences for October

Mullien Flower – Mullien has long been used herbaly in  a sacred smoking mixture  for lung and bronchial disorders like asthma or as a tea or infusion for the same. The flowers infused in olive oil make a great ear oil for infected ears.  I know the smoking thing sounds counter intuitive to breathe smoke into the lungs when your lungs aren’t feeling so hot but it mullien really opens up the bronchial passages through dilation.

As a flower essence Mullien acts as a flaming beacon like a staff or sword of light – to bring light to darkness and acts to balance the two -we need both and should never demonize the dark for it is where the seeds of our potentials await us and much creative life force energy. Even now in late October and on this Scorpio new moon day there are beautiful yellow blooms on the mullien in my garden. In ancient times they were even used  as ancient torches by dipping them into oil and lighting them. 

“Let the fertile dark take you to your deep creative seeds and let the light then activate and grow them”.

Autumn blessings


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