September Warm Blessings

September has arrived and it has been beautifully warm here for almost 6 weeks steady in Sunny Sequim. Summer took her time coming here this year but in our last few days before the Autumn Equinox it is supposed to really heat up maybe into the 80s, can I dare say Indian Summer? We just had a five-day masked trance dance based on the ecstatic body postures here at the farm and it was fantastic, can’t wait to host and participate in another of these gatherings.

And am so lucky to have a new friend Deborah Milton who is a certified teacher of the ecstatic body postures and willing to come here to do these cool events.  The dance and postures is based on the lifelong work of the late Anthropologist Dr. Felicitas Goodman. Check out The Cuyemungue Institute on the web for more info. I intend to host Deborah up for a monthly postures group that will meet here at Green Lynx Farm when we get enough local people signed up. If you are interested give us a call (360)477-5985. 

 Womans Retreat Weekend

Deborah Milton PhD and Pam McWethy MA both wise grandmothers, soul crafters, storytellers together they will bring a wealth of creativity and experience offering up a fantastic womans retreat weekend that starts Friday September 16th at 5pm through Sunday the 18th at 2pm here at Green Lynx Farm.

Please see our events page for more info and contact info. 

Now for some essences

I just want to say wow!! How great are the flower essences?

Pretty cool…                                                                          They ask us to step up and be tuned in to our bodies/mind/spirit and to tune into what is going on inside us, they don’t mask symptoms like pharmaceuticals. Flower essences ask us to go deep and see, hear, listen to what is going on inside us, where we might be in conflict, what is no longer working anymore, our soft spots that need to be tended to and honored, where we may need to let go. This is of course an over simplification but they really ask us to do our work and if we do they will guide us to where that work is and gently assist us through it.

California Poppy Eschscholtzia californica                                                                I remember these bright flowers as a kid growing up in California, glowing as they would on high banks along the highways, any disturbed soil or along the beach cliffs always bringing cheer to the eyes. Traditionally use of california poppy as an herbal remedy taken in a tincture form for pain relief, it is a nervine, helps bring about sleep. The bright orange color is filled with the suns rays and is attuned to our second chakra. Used as a flower essence I have found it very useful for those of us who are not aligning our true life path due to doubt in ourselves. This doubt can express itself in so many ways that undermine us and it’s roots lie in sources including childhood or adult trauma, karmic, ancestral, or just fear of being all we can be. California Poppy helps dispel fears of stepping into your personal power and helps you do so in a healthy and balanced way. Yeah!!! for California Poppy.

Female Rainbow Jaguar Lagoon Essence

This is an essence made from the clear waters of a most important glacier fed initiatory lagoon found near the top of Mount Asangate at elevation 17,000 ft. One of the most revered mountains in the Andes of Peru renown for its healing powers Asangate is refered to as the medicine mountain). This lagoon is one of the initiatory lagoons for those seeking shamanic healing powers to help others and for personal purification before meeting the mountain spirit. I had the glorious opportunity of having my own initiation at the lagoon while I apprenticed in peru with the medicine people and to swim naked in the frigid ice blue clear waters that nearly stole my breath away. I felt the effects of spiritual properties and amazing Illia- (life force). I was allowed to bring back some water from there and it has amazingly kept its frigid temperature all this time even though it is kept at room temperature.  

I offer this  rare water essence with the intention that it be used to heal water. For those who want to work with healing the waters of earth – put a tiny drop into any body of water including rivers, stream, wells, creeks, or the ocean. You may add to the benefit by adding your own loving prayers and blessings to water by blowing your prayers into a stone preferably a raw piece of rose quartz that you have prayed with but any stone will do. You may want to put  a drop into your own water to drink during the ceremony. This essence is full of natural and wild water life force along with those prayers that have been prayed for ages by the medicine people living on those high Andes slopes. It is very special and the work of healing the waters is very important at this time on earth.

 You can purchase California Poppy flower essence for a special price of $12 per half once bottle through the end of September.

Female Rainbow Jaguar Lagoon essence is $30 per half ounce bottle.

  Just give me a call here at Green Lynx Flower Essences (360)477-5985 and we can set up a time for you to pick it up. Find out about our newly forming farm store, consultations, our 400 flower essences, herbal  offerings, apothecary, and more.


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