Flower Essences For August

Another month is here already, I can hardly believe its August. 

This summer in western Washington has been unusually cool, gray, and with record rainfall. We who are sun-worshipers and gardeners lament but can hardly complain when other areas of the US and the greater world have experienced so many weather disturbances and extremes.  

The earth is always speaking to us all of the time and we may want to give ourselves permission and space/time to just sit and breathe as we remember that we are all part of one huge pulsing dream all connected all the time and the “all” I speak of includes the human, plant, animal, mineral, waters, air and earth, stars, this richly beautiful and varied family being.

 I have just lost two of my dearest animal companions my dog Pharoe was 14 years old and my cat Cleo was 11 years old, both were my family members and both within the past 2 weeks. Experiencing this grief in the midst of this gray, cool summer seems extra hard. This brings me to my essence choices to help assist myself right now and for the August essence selection.


BorageBorage – (Borago officianalis) Originates from Syria, also called starflower, and is an annual with beautiful blue/indigo/purple colored, star-shaped edible flowers.

Used as a flower essence for discouragement, grief, and heavy heartedness. Uplifts us, gives us courage and connects us to our spiritual nature and oneness that is always ever-present.

Pacific Bleeding Heart – (Dicentra formosa) Perenial herbaceous plant with  beautiful pink heart-shaped drop flowers beloved by the ants.  Holds us and grounds us to our strength, core and roots during the end of a relationship or loss of a companion, helps us to accept change. Soothes our aching heart.

Holly- ( llex aquafolia) Sharp waxy leaves, red toxic berries, traditional Christmas decoration with much ancient folklore, used as a flower essence it helps strengthen our inner ability to drop feelings of separation and to have inner knowing that separation is only illusion.


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