Flower Essences For July

Meadow Sweet (Filipendula ulmaria)

I so Adore this plant and wasn’t at all familiar with her until she showed up in my front garden bed about 6 years ago. From where did she come from? A passing bird pooed out a seed,  a long dormant root, or the faries? Who knows but I quickly looked her up in one of my many herb books and devoured her lore. Meadowsweet is a member of the (rosacea) rose family, she comes from Europe and is an anciently used herb in the British Isles. She is called MeadowQueen, Meadowwort, Bridewort, Queen Of The Meadows, just to name a few and she is mentioned in the Welsh Mabinogion as the heroes Math and Gwydion created a woman from the flowers of oak trees, broom, meadowsweet and magic, they named her Blodeuwedd (flower Face). Meadowsweet is one of 3 most sacred herbs of the druids next to watermint, and vervain. A plant with so many stories, herbal uses and lore would have to be wonderful. One of her many medicinal uses is as a pain reliever – it has salycilic acid the natural occurring aspirin and is used in tincture form like willow bark.

As a flower essence she is used to bring childlike glee, to lighten the heart, cheer us, sweeten us up and let us feel deep gratitude for our lives and all life as the greatest blessing.


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