Flower Essences For June

2 more essences for June 

“Bees spiral swarm” and “Merlin” A couple of new environmental essence’s made here on the farm last Saturday when our feral honeybees swarmed and flew around us humming extremely loudly and spiraling for a half hour while we sat amidst them in mystified awe and gratitude for them gracing us with their spiral magic.

 Along with the amazing swarming we were also graced by the presence of a Merlin (a small falcon) that showed up and sat in a crab apple tree to watch the sight with us- this was the same Merlin that I had rescued a year ago when he flew into our kitchen window, Merlins have shown up over and over in my life when I am about to embark on a special magical journey or new exciting path.

Merlin essence  These wonderful birds have a message for us to “pay attention to the magic all around and happening all the time if you just shift perspective or look in the right place which is right before your eyes”.

After the dazzling swarm show,  all the bees just returned back home into the beeroom walls, they had done this before 6 years ago, like the whole group just came out to say hello, and did not take off and leave. This is unusual behavior in honeybees but our colony is unusual – first they have been here on our land for 11 years now and live in the walls of our guest cottage (the beeroom), we ask nothing of them other than to pollinate, live and do their thing, be bees they are healthy and have not suffered from colony collapse disorder or other dis-ease they are at ease. We do not feed them sugar-water or dust them with antibiotic powder like most bee keepers do. Did you know that most do give antibiotics? I didn’t until I took beekeeping courses. The honeybee around the world is in trouble and it is a canary in the coal mine speaking to us loudly of environmental degradation and we humans had better take notice. Environmental dis-ease is real and effects every living being. Pharmaceuticals like antibiotics are showing up in streams, rivers, city and well water, in all life forms from acorn to oak, doesn’t degrade and fosters super bugs.

 Bees spiral swarm essence (a message from the bees) “return to your place in nature humans, you are stewards and protectors of all life and need to re-member your wildness the parts you have left behind on the margins your wise animal parts and be the fierce protectors of your kin-dom that means all life forms. Use the spiral form to heal and Spiral forth”.  

Happy June!

Yesterday we had a new moon in Gemini and a partial solar eclipse, we are still in the energy of this today and it is a great day to do something you love to do even if you have forgotten about this thing you love or have put it on the back burner for a while or maybe a long time. New moons are great times to break from the old patterns and set a new one – so do something you love and want to be doing more of in the coming months. New Moon astrologer Jan Spiller has people write down 10 wishes during each new moon working with the specific energies of each sign. So this new moon in Gemini would be great for wishes having to do with all forms of communication.

Great flower essences for June

Dwarf White Bog Violet (viola canadensis)    I have noticed that this sweet-smelling dainty white-flowered violet shows up all over my yard in 7 year intervals like the Snowy owl which is also only seen here in our neck of the woods in a 7 year cycle. This flower attune’s us strongly to the 7 year cycle which is a Saturn cycle and in the Andean tradition of Shamanism the 7 year cycle is called a “pacha” after the Andean earth mother Pachamama. Our lives are made up of many pachas.

Everyone has heard of the 7 year itch – it doesn’t just show up in regards to relationships either. This is a natural life rhythm like the oceans tidal system of high and low tide and it is in the in-between when it’s time to prepare for the new.

Dwarf Bog Violet has heart-shaped leaves and all violets are good for heart conditions sometimes called (hearts ease), used as an herbal infused honey, tincture or eaten in salads. As a flower essence in the doctrine of signatures we see the heart shape of the leaves let’s us know it is a heart remedy, and the white color attune us to our 7th chakra and higher thought. Violet eases our hurts of the heart and gently assists us to let go of  old wounds we carry, and then activate’s our crown chakra by seeing through the now purified heart (our eyes in the heart), our thoughts are then grounded in our heart where we can fully integrate them through our compassion and unconditional love for self and others. I call his activating the soul self.  When we are on this journey it is good to mourn the old and process that old stuff gently and efficiently or it will keep on coming up. Dwarf bog violet assists us mourn the old and prepare for the new and to be our true self. “I Activate My Soul self”.


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  1. I’m also fond of reading about herbal medications, it really helps a lot and very safe to our body. I enjoyed reading your article, very well written. Keep writing. 🙂


  2. I had no idea that honeybees were given antibiotics, though I have heard that they are in trouble. They probably like your place because of all of the good vibes there, among other things….Merlin probably has good memories. You write beautifully! Have a fabulous Saturday! Shari


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