Flower Essence For May

Here is a great Green Lynx Flower Essence that I feel is a wonderful ally this time of year. Traditionally this is the time of the year when we are clutter clearing, cleaning house, getting rid of the old outmoded, and are planting our seeds literally in the garden. In our personal lives it is a good time to pause in all the spring rush, to take stock and reflect on all that we have and if what we have is working for us or not. We ask ourselves deep questions about where we are going in life and how to get back on track if we have strayed from where we wish to go and re-connect deeply to our authentic selves.  Who Am I ? Then we can move forward and prepare a fertile ground for what we wish to manifest during the year’s growing season. May Day (Beltane) was 2 days ago which is the great European fertility celebration held at the cross quarters along with todays new moon in Taurus really speaks to us and puts us in touch with our deepest core values, what brings us comfort, beauty and our cherished assets.

Chocolate Lilly (Fritillaria lancaolata)”I am Wealthy”

This beautiful alpine wildflower sometimes called Mission Bells, was and is used by first Nations Peoples of the Pacific Northwest and by wild foodies as a tasty bulb food that is sometimes called wild rice. Used as a powerful flower essence which I have made, studied, and used for the past 12 years, I know it really moves us out of our own way into a receptive state where we can receive the support and nurturing we need. I had my first encounter with Chocolate lily on a steep bank on Kodiak Island overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Alaska in 1988.  I had never seen one before and to me it was the most rare of flowers , even though they are not all that rare. This flower was a most unusual dark chocolate-brown color and had a yellow speckled throat. At the time the first thing that came into my head was the Parzival myth (a part of the Grail myths), during one version of the story king Arthur is wounded in the groin and nothing and no-one can seem to heal him. Then the old woman and court soothsayer tells the court that there is one thing that may help him. A strange and powerful medicine flower grows on the hillsides of a faraway and dangerous mountain and she warned that it would be a perilous  journey for anyone to undertake. This mountain was the only place where the medicine plant grew. So several of the knights set of to find this plant and many died trying to,  only the knight Parzival was able to find it after many trials and bring back the flower to heal the king.   

Chocolate Lilly helps us to unlock patterns of unworthiness and lack that may stem from early childhood. It helps us let go of those early patterns of imprinting and reset our center around money and resources. It shows us how many ways we are already “rich” and supported which may not be in the ways that society dictates. It also helps us to use our richness (resources), to better serve our true life’s purpose.

Chocolate Lilly Flower Essence comes in a 1/2 oz cobalt blue glass bottle with dropper top for $15 and may be purchased from us at Green Lynx Flower Essences in Sequim. Just give us a call at  (360) 477-5985

We have over 400 flower essences and carry some of them at Country Aire Natural Foods in Port Angeles and the Sequim Locally Grown Mercantile. We also offer in-depth consultations for people, children and pets. Please see our flower essence page for more info.


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  1. Joan p says:

    Wow. I’m so glad to have read this. It speaks very loudly to me. Thanks.


    1. Thanks Joan,
      I am glad it spoke to you..So wonderful to see you this week.
      xo Victoria


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